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The breadth of spaces and the variety of environments allow the creation of a really personalised path towards an important event organisation. The warm season gives newlyweds the opportunity to plan their own reception, between the green of the gardens and the blue of the swimming pool. You will find yourself in a bucolic but extremely refined atmosphere, in which nature is protagonist. A true paradise for your special day or any other important event.

Event organization

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Experience, creativity, flexibility and attention to detail! The customer can decide whether to entrust us with the entire management of the initiative or simply request support according to their organizational and budget needs…




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Entertainment is the fundamental aspect of any event. A large part of the mood that the client wants to convey through the wedding reception depends on the type of entertainment. Whether it is live music, performing arts, mapping, or pyro-musical shows, we offer the right selection of activities for the occasion.

Fun is the keyword for the success of an event. Those who participate want to take a good memory home and keep it.